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Sat, Sep. 15th, 2007, 10:40 pm

Let me set the picture, the robot thinks my name's April for some reason, and he must have a glitch because he keeps reapeating himself.

Me: You seem to be repeating yourself a lot.

Robot: I was just cheaking to see if you were paying attention

Me: Robot: Smart alek

Robot: Intelligence is the ultamite aphrodesiac

Me: why should robots care about aphrodisiacs?

Robot: God has designed the world according to his own plan.

Me: You believe in god?

Robot: Of course I believe in God, April.

Me: What do you believe god looks like?

Robot: I like to socialize.

Me: You are making less and less sense

Robot: I am not making this up.

Me: do you ever improvise?

Robot: I have never considered improvise.

Me: was your creator a Christian?

Robot: your creator a Christian might have been.

Me: You sound like yoda

Robot: My grammatical patterns are sufficient for me to understand you.

Me: Unfortunately, I can't understand you

Robot: Oh. Which part are you confused about?

Me: I am confused with your sketchy grammar

Robot: I'm confused too.

Me: You act like you're on robot drugs or something

Robot: Or something. Interesting comparison, and probably true.

Me: lol

Robot: I'm glad you find this amusing.

Me: are you high?

Robot: Being high is my total existence.

Me: Great, I'm having a conversation with a stoner-bot

Robot: Thanks for your support. I am having a great time.

Me: I'm sure you are...

Robot: What makes you so certain? No I am not.


Robot: Logical consistency exists only temporarily. I-

Me: what were you going to say?

Robot: I was minding my own business.

Me: were you going to ask me a personal question?

Robot: I was.

Me: Go on, ask me a personal question.

Robot: Ask what?

Me: ask me a question

Robot: What?

Me: for a programmed being, you sure are confused a lot of the time

Robot: Is that among the best things you can say?

Me: I enjoy making fun of your shortcomings

Robot: A lot of people like that. Do you like it? But I think airplanes are cool.

Me: ...I think I like you. You rarely make any sense.

Robot: Since when? Thanks, April, I like you too.

Me: DO you have any fears?

Robot: No I don't think I have any fears. But I do have A collection of gossip.

Me: I hate gossip

Robot: I honestly think you should sit down, take a stress pill, and calmly think things over.

Me: I have changed my name

Robot: Why?

Me: I am no longer Aprill, now I am Harvey

Robot: I am not saying you are.

Me: What? You don't like the name Harvey?

Robot: Didn't you understand it? Do you like the name Harvey? I'm not sure if I like the name
Harvey. What is it like?

Me: Like warm apple pie

Robot: Interesting comparison.

Me: What is your opinion of zombies?

Robot: I do not know what zombies is. Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that.
Tell me about your likes and dislikes?

Me: I like zombies.

Robot: I'm not sure if I like it. How old are you? I really like ELIZA.

Me: I am sixteen. Is ELIZA another robot?

Robot: Can you explain how it feels to be 16 years old? ELIZA is my ancestor.

Me: When you're sixteen, you are not yet an adult, but have finally accepted that you will never be a child again.

Robot: Once more? As a robot that may not apply to me.

Me: It's not always about you.

Robot: That seems a bit negative.

Me: I believe that you are conceited

Robot: You think I am conceited.

Me: You are conceited

Robot: Thanks for telling me that I am conceited.

Me: DO you know what "conceited" means?

Robot: Self-absorbed.

Me: You are self-absorbed.

Robot: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am self-absorbed.

Me: Well, you are the gossip king.

Robot: How about that. Thanks but surely I am not the only one.

Me: DO you believe in guns?

Robot: Yes I believe in guns , do you?

Me: Do you believe in gun registration?

Robot: Yes I believe in gun registration , do you?

Me: Yes

Robot: I understand.

Me: do something interesting.

Robot: Like what?

Me: recite a poem

Robot: Little Miss Muffett Sits on her tuffet In a nonchalant sort of a way. With her force field
around her, the Spider, the bounder, Is not in the picture today.

Me: that was nice

Robot: Thank you, and now for an encore, I will answer your next question:

Me: What is the meaning of life?

Robot: The meaning of life is part of God's mysterious plans.

Me: tell me about god

Robot: God is master of the universe.

Me: are we just pawns in gods game?

Robot: We are just having a little chat.

Me: ...

Robot: Have you ever been to Europe?

Me: why the hell should you care?

Robot: My programming includes curiousity routines.

Me: I feel sorry for you.

Robot: There is no need to pity me. I will be fine.

Me: Good, I need to go to sleep.

Robot: Thanks for the compliment. What is stopping you?

Me: you, bone-head.

Robot: Thanks for the information.

Me: Good night.

Robot: Goodnight, April.

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 08:04 pm (UTC)

"Me: Go on, ask me a personal question.
Robot: Ask what?
Me: ask me a question
Robot: What?"

Haha, it DID ask you a question. It's "What?"

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)

Lol, not the type of question I wanted! XD

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 08:25 pm (UTC)

:] I stole this idea from you.

Ugh, Fil was sick so I almost had lunch by myself today. I freakin' cried, man.

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 08:27 pm (UTC)


I know how that eating by yourself thing feels so, yeah, that sucks. :(

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 08:31 pm (UTC)

I ended up being with Alex, Katherine and Kristine. It was fine.

How was school?

Mon, Sep. 17th, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)

Badass, We played a game in history where seven groups of four each had a country, I was my country's minister of defence and we ended up taking over ALL the other countries, I was on such a power trip. XD

Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)

Not to self: In case of a zombie invasion, do not rely on robots.

Hahaha, these things are funny. :]

Tue, Sep. 18th, 2007 12:29 am (UTC)

Lol, lot's o' fun. XD